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How To Get Involved:

To get involved you can make a donation, or you can attend any of the masterclasses, or you can contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can work together, whether you are an individual or an organization.

Roles & Relationships Masterclass

Roles and Relationships MasterClass

You will learn what it REALLY takes in order to feel good in your dating or relationship life and have the type of relationship you feel you want and deserve.


African and Caribbean History Masterclass

This is where you will learn the many depths and layers of African and the Caribbean History. Which will make you feel prideful, inspired and motivated.


Parenting Masterclass

You will learn the true art of parenting and what it truly takes that will make you feel assured and connected with your child(ren)’s continuous development in this ever changing world.


Healthcare Masterclass

You will learn how to truly look after EVERY aspects of your health. Which also includes your mental health. So you feel confident and very well balanced to move in the right direction in your life.



Career and Business Masterclass

Career and Business

This is where you will learn an amass of skills but also learn exactly what your true purpose is so you can feel extremely confident in the direction you’re heading towards.


Money Management Masterclass

You will learn exactly what it takes to be and feel financially successful. And much more that will help you feel more assured when it comes to your money.


Money Management

Master Masterclass

Master Masterclass

This is where you will learn from Roles and Relationships, to Sex Education, to Parenting, to Healthcare, to Money Management, to Career and Business, as well as African and Caribbean History. All of which will help prevent and solve the problems in your life and career.