The Alkebulan Trust

We are extremely passionate about creating a sustainable future. Take a look at our seminar,  we offer you information modules tailored to your needs in order to specifically build up or deepen your know-how with regards to African and Caribbean History, Roles and Relationships, Healthcare, Parenting, Money Management and Career development. 
Our Seminars have been run on a number of previous occasions and delegates have provided feedback to say that they were extremely helpful and of excellent educational value.

Change Your Life

At the Change Your Life seminar.

Raphael Onochie is going to show you effective and powerful ways that you can change your life.

Roles and relationship seminar

Find out how to transform your relationship life to something that you feel you deserve and learn what it truly takes to maintain a successful relationship.

Business seminar

You will develop business skills and learn extremely powerful knowledge that will take you and your business to the destination of greatness.

Health seminar

Discover the hidden secrets on how to have better overall physical and mental health, where you feel you are magic.

African history seminar

Black or African History requires more than just a month. Discover why REAL African History has been hidden. The information that will lead to ending racism, and colourism.